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We have done complete rebuilding of old decks, building of new decks, and lots of deck cleaning and deck staining of existing decks, for nearly 15 years now.  Deck stains and sealers can last from two to five (or more) years, and if maintained regularly, your deck can look quite good for up to 15-20 years!

We are here to help you with the decisions to be made, and the work to be done on your deck, from cleaning it to sealing and staining it with a product that will help it to look good and last as long as possible.

Our commitment is to use our experience and expertise in all our services to provide customer satisfaction in the work we do.

The Mystery of Deck Care!

The building and care of exterior wood decks has grown in the past few decades, and the related products have multiplied.  There are a wide variety of deck-building materials, and also a variety of ways to clean, maintain, seal, and stain these materials.  In addition, there are new laws for the manufacturers to contend with, like VOC laws, and thus they have had to create new formulas to do the job of protecting and beautifying our decks.  Even the man-made composite materials have had their problems and issues, adding to the already confusing choices relating to decks and their care.  There are definitely better and some not-so-good products out there, and it is our goal to provide you with the best advice and work possible for your particular deck (or fence, or shed, or other wood structure).

Spindles/balusters VS. Rails

In building or rebuilding a deck, there is a choice to be made between using spindles (a traditional look) and horizontal deck rails.  Somehow, the balusters were accepted as more desirable, but living with them is not always so pleasant.  When they are new, they look nice, acceptable, even quaint.  But as they age, they need to be cleaned and stained, and they can warp and splinter - not so great, especially realized by anyone who has worked with them.  There are options!

What we suggest is the use of horizontal rails, for the purpose of setting the perimeter of the deck, or for safety reasons.  If the deck is high, these rails can be set at the standard 4" apart (as the balusters should be), and can be 2x4 or 2x6 or 1x6 boards.  The use of metal balusters is possible as well, set into upper and lower horizontal rails.  The purpose is to provide safety and good looks, while eliminating the drudgery of cleaning and staining a MULTITUDE of individual small upright wood pieces!